Roach Control

Roaches are the bugs nightmares are made of. Unfortunately there are plenty of them in South Carolina. There are two main types of roaches – the German Roach and the “Palmetto Bug” or American Cockroach. Both roaches need to be dealt with in unique ways in order to effectively be exterminated. Thankfully the team at Bug Depot knows exactly how to handle these crawling pests.

German Roaches prefer hiding in kitchens or bathrooms where water is present. They breed quickly and can live almost anywhere. In order to completely eradicate infestations there needs to be an intense inside treatment and multiple follow up treatments.

Palmetto Bugs are typically an outdoor bug but they do find themselves inside often to escape the elements. They can cross door thresholds, enter through attics or crawlspaces or any openings to the outdoors. Bug Depot recommends a quarterly treatment plan concentrating on barrier treatments and baiting areas where they like to hide.

roach control

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